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Opening the Door to Convenience and Function: The Benefits of Electric Tailgates

In the past, tailgating, loading and unloading cargo to and from a car has been a physically demanding task. However, with the advent of modern technology, drivers now have the luxury of electric tailgates. These power-operated tailgates provide convenience, accessibility, and functionality to vehicle owners. 
1. Convenience - One of the main advantages of electric tailgates is the convenience they offer. They allow drivers to open and close the tailgate with a push of a button, which eliminates the need for any physical effort. This feature is great for people who often have their hands full with groceries, sports equipment, or bulky items. With an electric tailgate, they can easily load everything into the car without having to struggle with the heavy tailgate. Additionally, the electric tailgate allows drivers to open and close the tailgate from inside their vehicle or through a remote key fob, which is particularly useful on a cold or a rainy day. The convenience that electric tailgates offer is unmatched and is a significant factor in why an increasing number of drivers are opting for electric tailgates.
2. Accessibility - Electric tailgates also provide accessibility for people with disabilities or mobility issues. The power-operated tailgate enables people with physical challenges to access the trunk of their vehicle without the need to lift or pull down the tailgate manually. This convenience can make a big difference in allowing people with disabilities to maintain their independence and mobility. An electric tailgate also provides greater accessibility for families with children, making it easier to load strollers, car seats, and other bulky items.
3. Functionality - Electric tailgates also offer a significant level of functionality. They come equipped with sensors that prevent the tailgate from closing on someone's head or fingers, which can provide peace of mind to families with young children. Moreover, the power tailgate can be programmed to open to a specific height, which is particularly useful when parking in a garage with low ceilings. Electric tailgates also feature a soft-closing mechanism, which ensures that the tailgate closes gently and quietly. This is an added benefit if you have a baby in the car who may be sensitive to loud noises.
4. Security - In addition to convenience, accessibility, and functionality, electric tailgates also provide increased security. They come with anti-pinch sensors that detect resistance while closing and stop to prevent injury or damage. Furthermore, electric tailgates can be equipped with automatic locking systems, which ensures that the tailgate will lock automatically when the vehicle is on the move. This feature not only eliminates the risk of the tailgate opening while driving, but it also minimizes the risk of theft.
5. Cost - While electric tailgates provide numerous benefits, they do come at a cost. The price of the power tailgate varies depending on the make and model of the car, but it can add a few hundred or even thousands of dollars to the vehicle's price. However, the convenience and practicality that the electric tailgate offers are worth the investment. The cost is also reduced with time, as an electric tailgate requires less maintenance compared to a manual one, providing long-term savings.
Electric tailgates offer the perfect combination of convenience, accessibility, and functionality, providing an easy and hassle-free driving experience. While they may come at a higher cost, the convenience they offer is unmatched and provides an excellent investment in the long run. We hope this post has highlighted the benefits of electric tailgates and helped you make an informed decision about your next vehicle.

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